International Conference in Bamberg, Germany
24-26 May 2007

Hotel Wilde Rose, Single Room 63€/night, breakfast included
(now booked out!)

Hotel IBIS, Single Room 65€/ night, breakfast included
For booking IBIS please use the following email address: And use Prof. Bedford-Strohm's name as a referal and add: "Reservierungsnummer 73803".


Hotel Central, different options 30-55€/night, breakfast included

Rooms can be booked directly with the hotel from the rooms reserved for the conference. If you need help, contact the conference office. Please note that a number of hotel rooms has been reserved, but that your booking should be made in February in order to ensure to get the price announced in our website.

2 Lunches and 1 dinner, drinks, coffee, tea, fruit and snacks throughout the conference 40€.

The closest airport is Nürnberg (60 min trainride to Bamberg), other options are Frankfurt ( Train Connections from Frankfurt to Bamberg ) and Munich (both about 2,5 to 3 hours trainride). Train Connections can be looked up under or found in cooperation of the Bamberg conference office.

Please transfer the 40€ for food with the identification code "Rel/Nature Conference" to the following account:

STOK Bayern, Landshut
Bundesbank Filiale Regensburg
Kto.Nr. 74301530
BLZ 750 000 00
IBAN: DE84750000000074301530

Or pay in cash when you are in Bamberg.